A Dying Breed

To Be Prepared is Half the Battle

How often do you stretch? And I mean a good long stretch where you can feel your inner muscles. Or did a good warm-up BEFORE starting a workout? I’m guessing the answer is not often, and this is bad.

What you do before a workout/race/game is probably even more important than the event itself! As my title hints, TO BE PREPARED IS HALF THE BATTLE! This is in no way an understatement. Your training, warm-ups and stretching are essential to performing to your best ability.

The worst thing for any athlete is to have an injury. Not only are you in pain, but you can’t even participate in the sport you love! A fellow team-mate of mine has recently recovered from an achilles injury. For the last month or so she has been talking nonstop about running and honestly, it was driving us all crazy. Everyday, she told us how much she missed running and how she couldn’t wait until her first race. Thankfully, last Tuesday our coach gave her the OK to run in the meet and she was estatic. Her injury has been a major set-back in her running and she is paying for it in a big way. A large majority of athlete injuries are a result of not training properly.

This is easily fixable!

A great strategy is to cross train. Change up your routine a little bit through out the week. Go swimming or biking, something different from the actual sport you are training for. This will help your muscles develop since repetition can platue your results. Mixin’ it up will keep your muscles constantly vigilant.

Stretching is a INSANELY important. Stretching not only prepares your muscles for the work ahead, but helps them recover afterwards. Stretching important parts of the body like your shins can help prevent painful injuries like shin-splints(trust me, you do NOT want that).

Lastly, your warm-ups. The thing to remember about these is that it is meant to warm your muscles up! Get it? Doing warm up activities that get your heart rate up will get your body in work-out mode. When you can feel the heat rolling off your body, then you’re ready. DO NOT OVERWORK YOUR WARM-UPS! This prepares you for your work; it’s not meant to replace it.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more about running! *Hint: It’s a love/hate relationship*

Blog ya later!


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  1. MrsT

    Wow–Great tips.

    October 7, 2011 at 12:58 am

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