A Dying Breed

Natural Enemies: XC versus, Well, Everyone

So first, I would like to give a little bit of a lingo lesson to my readers. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Cross Country, it is sometimes abbreviated as XC or CC. I have gotten a lot of questions about this in the past and decided to clear up the matter. For emphasis, I’ll throw these abbreviations in a few times during this post, so be aware!

Now, onto bigger business. As you may know, Cross Country is not a very popular sport. It might even be an UNpopular sport to a majority of people(Even my own parents will accidentally call it track from time to time). The fact of the matter is, almost no one likes Cross Country. Some people even HATE CC. As a XC runner, this is a hard concept to follow. How can you hate Cross Country? I know everyone says, “I hate running, so I hate Cross Country.” But Cross Country is so much more than just running. To be a Cross Country runner, you need mental toughness for starters. You have to have the will power to push your body to the limit and achieve goals that others can only dream of.

Here’s another little-known fact; Cross Country runners tend to get picked on. We get a lot of negative feed back just for being part of a sport we love. A large majority of people cannot understand how some one would WANT to run 2-3 miles all the time. It’s unusual for a high school student to enjoy running. They are considered weird and different. So what do we do to people who are different from us? We make fun of them.

Now don’t get me wrong, Cross Country runners aren’t the most forgiving people either. We have our fair share of jokes and jeers at other people’s expense. And naturally, sports taking place during the same months are the ones that pick on each other the most. This has made enemies of XC members and football players(and cheerleaders if you count that as a sport, which I do not). Girl’s tennis takes place during the fall as well, but they keep to themselves for the most part.

There usually aren’t full-out fights between these sports, but we don’t always get along. It’s difficult to be the sport that everyone hates and makes fun of. I have known quite a few people who quit CC because it isn’t “cool” enough to the rest of the school.

It can be difficult being different, but in the end I think it is always worth it. Who wants to be like everybody else? I definitely don’t!

Well that’s all I have for today. I have a Cross Country meet tonight, so wish me luck!

Blog ya later!


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