A Dying Breed

Cross Training Pictures!

Yesterday was a blast! We weren’t able to hike for as long as we wanted to, but we still had tons of fun and took way too many pictures. There were 2 guys and 5 girls in our little troop and we owned that trail! This post is going to be mostly pictures, so hold on!

So this is our checklist of things to do when you go on a hike.

#1. Strike a pose. (this picture is probably my favorite, taken by yours truly.)

#2. Do something daring. (“Look Mom, no hands!…NOT!)

#3. Creep on your friends. (You can’t see me!)

#4. Take PLENTY of pictures!

#5. Drink some rusty pump water. (A few of us got lost, so we stopped for a drink!)

#6. Appreciate nature’s beauty.

#7. Get in a tight spot…or two!






#8. Have WAY too much fun at the park.

That crazy kid in the black shirt is a very good friend of mine, and he just happens to be in the same internet publishing class as me! You HAVE to check out his blog because you have no choice! I can honestly say that he is one of the brightest people I know and definitely understands the meaning of Carpe Diem! Take a look at his blog at http://balancing-life.tumblr.com/.

If you want more hiking pictures, just ask! I have plenty!

Blog ya later!


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