A Dying Breed

Inspiration continued!

As a continuation of yesterdays post “Got Inspiration?”, I would like to move onto the next bullet point on my little list of running inspiration. As a recap, here’s the list:

  • Hardcore music (check!)
  • Awesome exercise attire
  • Have something to run for

So, onto awesome exercise attire! Hopefully you saw my previous post “It’s Here!!!” If not, you can find it in my archives, a.k.a. The Shoe Box (It’s in October). In that post I was EXTREMELY excited for a new Cross Country shirt that had finally came. I could not wait until our meet the next day so I could show off my new shirt! I believe this is one thing people love about sports and exercise. When you have really cool gear, you tend to get noticed, and who doesn’t want to be noticed? Not only do you feel good about yourself and how you look, but you are prepared for whatever activity you are going to do. Honestly, wearing some sweet gear always gets me pumped up for a good run. So here are a few things that I adore:

So my first, I would like to bring attention to the Susan G. Komen collections. I personally have a couple of relatives that have been affected by breast cancer and I support the fight for the cure. I love this gear, even though I am not a very big fan of pink. Here’s a shirt I plan on getting: http://www.underarmour.com/shop/us/en/ua-power-in-pink/pid1222975-Women-s-PIP-She-s-A-Fighter-Graphic-T-Shirt/1222975-001.

Next, shorts. A pair of great shorts will make you feel, well, great! Another amazing foundation fighting against cancer is Livestrong. I love the colors and the gear they make is phenomenal! I own a pair of Livestrong shorts and they are my favorite pair! http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31C7bTW4wXL.jpg 

Shoes, shoes, shoes! Girls love shoes! I love running shoes. Usually, I get Asics because  I like the models of their shoes and it’s what I’m used to. My mom wear Asics most of the time and she passed it on to me. I’m pretty sure most of my team wears Asics as well.

But, I KNOW that you have been wondering about those Vibram Five Finger shoes, am I right? I will admit, I am dying to get a pair of those!  And when I do, you guys will be the first to know! But for now, here’s a site you should check out. He’s a runner that does a lot of review on everything running. Shoes, snacks, whatever. I found his reviews on minimal shoes like Vibram very informational; http://www.runningandrambling.com/

See you tomorrow with the last bullet on our list of inspiration! Blog ya later!


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