A Dying Breed

Her Hips Don’t Lie and Neither Do Her Abs!

In case you didn’t get the hint, I’m talking about Shakira!

She is my role model, my inspiration, my goal! When I am training, trying to get into shape, it’s her body that keeps me strong(as strange as that sounds). More than once I have admitted that I would kill for her body…not really, but you know what I mean. Come on, look at those abs!

Amazing right? (If you want more pictures of chicks with amazing abs, go to http://absgirls.wordpress.com/)  Not only does an awesome pack of abs make you look great, but they are super important for pretty much any sport, even running! A strong core increases your balance, stability and your over-all strength. Your core is all the muscles that make up your midsection. This means that your core isn’t only made up of your abdominal, but the muscles in your back, sides and hips(remember, Shakira’s hips don’t lie! She worked hard for that body!).

When I think of Shakira, I think of positive self-image and self-confidence. Well, that and great abs. Those are qualities that I am striving for, so having a role model like Shakira to work for will help me in my journey. Everyone needs an inspiration that pushes them to better themselves, and Shakira does that for me with her great physical health and her music.


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