A Dying Breed

My Writing Isn’t the Only Thing I’ve Been Slacking On…

I cannot not  believe I have been so negligent! Not only have I not blogged in ages, but my running and working out in general has been seriously lacking! Shame on me!

I admit, I had a weak moment. For the last few weeks I have been indulging in fast food, skipping work outs and, quite frankly, been WAY too lazy! And I know for a fact that I am not the only one who has been slacking off. But you know what? It’s ok! It’s never too late to jump back into the regime. Since realizing my relapse into laziness, I have gotten a membership at a local gym, been eating healthier(right now I’m snacking on delicious, protein rich almonds!) and I’m even drinking a heck of a lot more water, a task that has always been a challenge for me.


Although I noticed my midsection wasn’t as toned as it had been during my track season, it was an upcoming sport season that re-motivated me to jump back into my healthier lifestyle. After being accepted to the prestigious University of Wisconsin-Madison, I decided that I want to become part of their very competitive rowing team, also known as Crew. I was a little wary at first since I have never rowed a stroke in my life, but I am determined to become a beneficial part of the novice team. I have been training, gaining strength and muscle in order to prepare myself for the arduous sport that awaits me this fall. Wanting a little instruction before I jump off the deep end, I have registered myself into a week long rowing camp at UW-Madison. I will be training and practicing with current Madison rowers and quite a few of my fellow to-be novice teammates. I am driving to Madison tomorrow and I am so excited! I really want to prove myself as an athlete, not only to the coaches but to myself.

Wish me luck! Blog ya later!


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