A Dying Breed

Why run?

I began running in the fall of my sixth grade year and I haven’t stopped since. For 7 years I have been competing in Cross Country and Track&Field. Running is one of those things that stick to your soul and becomes a part of who you are. Years from now, you’ll see me and I will still be running and running… and running…… and running……..

It’s also something that once it’s in your heart, you want to share it with others. You gush about your running achievements, you invite people to races or casual runs, do almost anything for them to experience the same kind of joy you get out of running. I’ll admit, a good number of my friends and acquantices have scolded me for bugging them about it so much, but I can’t help it! Running is part of who I am and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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