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Track season, 2012

I have a real short post today, but I want to express how excited I am. It is FINALLY March 5th! For me and many of my classmates, this marks the beginning of our 2012 track season! I am so excited, I came to school in my running tights and livestrong shorts. I am really determined and I have a feeling this is going to be the best season yet, at least personally. My senior year and second year as track captain, I am going to kick butt on the track this year!
Before I go, here’s one of my favorite exercise shirts that gives me some motivation.


Blog ya later!


Ruling the World! (Well, the Running World at least)

I have had this blog for a few months now and I believe that I have come a long way. To think that merely 2 months ago, this blog didn’t even exist! Now I have followers, I follow others and I even have Twitter and a Facebook page for this blog! (Twitter: @AlexRunner27 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Runner-A-Dying-Breed/192846117456326?sk=wall)

When you really think about it though, my little blog barely makes a blip on the radar. I’m not being negative, I’m just being honest. Who knows or cares about Alex Turner, XC and Track and Field runner? Or her blog? Or Facebook page? Or Twitter? I’m presuming not a whole lot of people. Even though I want to, I don’t make that much of a difference in the world.

However, there are people who do make an impact.  Some are nationally known while others are known only in the internet world, but they all make a difference. These people are listened to and followed, whether they are dead or alive. Some are actors, some are political figures, others are athletes or teachers. From George Washington to Martin Luther King Jr to  Bill Gates, these people have been revered through history. We view them as visionaries.

The people I am going to talk about may not be historical icons, but they have made a difference in the athletic world and I believe they deserve recognition for it.

  • Paula Radcliffe
  • Runners World
  • Thad McLaurin
All three happen to be on Twitter and they reach out to their followers. Paula,  current women’s marathon record with her time of 2:15:25 hours, is a huge inspiration for women everywhere(http://www.paularadcliffe.com/). Runners World is a magazine for runners with tips on healthy eating, exercise and, of course, running!(http://www.runnersworld.com/) Thad McLaurin is a long distance runner with a blog, RunnerDude’s Blog, and owner of RunnerDude’s Fitness in Greensboro, North Carolina(http://www.runnerdudesfitness.com/About_RunnerDude.html).
They all have something in common; Social Networking. Each has websites and social network accounts like Twitter to stay in touch with their readers. These particular people mostly talk about running, the main focus for most of their readers since they are known either as runners or for reliable running information. Not only do these people talk about running, but they connect with a wider spectrum of readers by talking about things in most people’s everyday life, outside of sports. This entices more readers to frequent the sites and networks. These people tend to keep their posts and tweets fairly short so they keep their readers entertained while still delivering the wanted information. Although Thad and Paula aren’t as frequent as would be preferred, they still have favorable sites and many loyal readers and followers.
I would definitely recommend checking these people out because they are completely worth it.
Blog ya later!

Her Hips Don’t Lie and Neither Do Her Abs!

In case you didn’t get the hint, I’m talking about Shakira!

She is my role model, my inspiration, my goal! When I am training, trying to get into shape, it’s her body that keeps me strong(as strange as that sounds). More than once I have admitted that I would kill for her body…not really, but you know what I mean. Come on, look at those abs!

Amazing right? (If you want more pictures of chicks with amazing abs, go to http://absgirls.wordpress.com/)  Not only does an awesome pack of abs make you look great, but they are super important for pretty much any sport, even running! A strong core increases your balance, stability and your over-all strength. Your core is all the muscles that make up your midsection. This means that your core isn’t only made up of your abdominal, but the muscles in your back, sides and hips(remember, Shakira’s hips don’t lie! She worked hard for that body!).

When I think of Shakira, I think of positive self-image and self-confidence. Well, that and great abs. Those are qualities that I am striving for, so having a role model like Shakira to work for will help me in my journey. Everyone needs an inspiration that pushes them to better themselves, and Shakira does that for me with her great physical health and her music.

So Much to Do, So Little Time

I am sad to report that I am officially in the off-season. So, yesterday, I began planning my off-season training! I am very excited despite the funny looks I have received from fellow classmates, especially @sam13ripp(He’s a fellow classmate in my internet publishing class and a member of the Cross Country team, so go look him up!).

I know that taking good care of yourself is essential for any athlete and also for simply living a healthy lifestyle. Keeping this in mind, I would like to share my plans with you, my beloved readers. I will show you my inspirations, my meal plans and my workout regimen. These three things are extremely important when trying to get into shape, but not the only things.

There is one thing that I always have an extremely hard time doing, but is a huge part of good health;

I can’t get enough sleep!

This is one of the biggest reasons people get sick so often, get so stressed or never seem to have enough energy. I am guilty of this in the worst degree. High school students are under a lot of stress, believe it or not. Especially the senior year; AP courses, college applications, sports, activities, part-time jobs, we’re a mess! Sleep can take the edge off…if you can get enough of it.

So that is part one of this health-kick series. I’ll be back with more tomorrow. Blog ya later!

I <3 Twitter!

The title is little bit of a dead give-away to what this post will be about, don’t you think? I’ve never been known for my subtlety. What’s the point if no one gets it but you?

Also, I am apologizing in advance for the lengthiness of this post, but I hope you will stick with it until the end. Please and thank-you!


I know there are a lot of haters out there who don’t like Twitter, but most of those haters have never even tried Twitter! And as our parents have always told us, you can’t hate something if you have never tried it(That’s how my parents got me to eat Brussel sprouts, and now I love them!). So, to all of the haters reading this; Shut your mouth and open the web browser! Go to Twitter and get signed up, then follow me at @AlexRunner27 or press the follow button under my “Tweet! Tweet!” column on the right side of this page. Cute, huh? Widgets can do such amazing things!

While on Twitter, I have come across some pretty awesome people! Some are hilarious, others are extremely truthful and a few are a little of both.  I could go on all day about all the great people on Twitter, but I REALLY doubt you want to read all that! So I have chosen 5 accounts that I feel are a must to follow. Not only are these people runners, but they are also bloggers! Yes, I have finally found my kin! Granted, they are a million times more successful and insightful than I, but I’ll get there eventually…I hope.

So here’s my fabulous five and why you better follow them;

So first and foremost, @ultrarunnergirl. She was one of the first people I followed and also one of the first to follow me back! (Thanks @ultrarunnergirl, big boost for me!) I can honestly say that her blog is my favorite. She has so much insight and good advice, there’s almost too much to take in! Not only is she honest, but extremely inspirational. She makes me want to run, run and never stop! Please check it out, it’s really good. Thank you @ultrarunnergirl for being an amazing role model for my running and my blogging!

Next up is @RunEricRun. What first grabbed my attention was his Twitter picture; covered in mud and a huge smile on his face. He reminded me that running is FUN! This fact tends to escape a lot of runners, including me. His enthusiasm is contagious and spontaneous, an attitude my running life has been missing. He was also very nice and commented on myblog, which I was not expecting, but was very much appreciated(It made me feel like a real blogger, like the people I follow, so thank you!). Kudos @RunEricRun! Keep up that spirit!

This next person is very unique and I feel blessed to have found her, blog/Twitter. This one’s to you @sprintingsalina! Her story is one of struggles and triumph as a victim of asthma. She made the life-altering decision to stop nurturing the asthma and fight back; she became a runner. No one thought she could do it, but she knew it was what she had to do and she’s still going strong! I have exercise-enduced asthma and only started using an inhaler this year. My asthma is not nearly as severe as hers, but I can relate to the helpless feeling of being breathless.You’re my hero @sprintingsalina! Stay strong!

The story of @Coupleontherun is truly special. Their motto “Go further together” could not be more true for this couple. It absolutely melts my heart to see this couple unite in running and enjoy something together. Want to know how they got the name “couple on the run?” They ran 8 marathons in 8 countries in 8 weeks, side by side the whole time. If that doesn’t say love, I don’t know what does. Truly memorable, so go check them out!

Certainly not least, but last on my list is @JenZenator. The reason I love her Twitter/blog is simple; she makes me laugh!  She isn’t running obsessed or training for insane amounts of time, but she’s being a regular person who has the urge to run and acts on it, a remarkable feat for anyone! She is random and hilarious and her blog so cute! It can also be serious at times and address problems I know that a lot of runners face and is supportive because she’s gone through it too. Great blog, great runner, great person!

It’s been a long post, but thanks for reading! These people deserve a lot better representation than I can deliver, so check them out for yourself! I guarantee that you will not regret it! Who knows, you might even get hooked on running and blogging, just like us!

Blog ya later!

It’s Just a Dream, It’s Just a Dream

Dreams. We all have them, whether we remember them or not. Some dreams are funny, some are hard to follow and some scare you to death. I personally believe that most dreams have a deeper meaning, something that is rooted in our subconscious.

I tend to dream about my insecurities and my fears, things that no one else knows I worry about. There are a few reoccurring themes that I dream about at least once a year that have led me to take certain actions in my life….

There is one dream that specifically has to do with running; I’m being chased. What I’m being chased by always changes, but the important thing is that I’m being chased. And no matter how hard I try, I can’t run fast enough to get away. My legs are always too weak. And when I get caught, I’m not strong enough fight them off. I always wake up from this dream really freaked out. I hate that trapped feeling I have in those dreams. I can feel my power on the inside, but I can’t release it to save myself.

I decided that in order to make myself more secure about this situation, I needed to make myself stronger. Freshman year I began lifting in the weightroom, making myself stronger and more in-shape. I’m not extremely strong, but I am stronger than I used to be and the dreams have become less frequent. These dreams have helped me stay active and healthy. Sometimes, good things can come from bad situations if you choose to use it constructively. Hopefully you can appy my experience into your own life and move past any insecurities you have.

Have a great day everyone! Blog ya later!

Inspiration continued….again!

OK, so this is the last part of this inspiration post, I promise. We are on the last bullet of our inspiration list:

  • Hardcore music (check!)
  • Awesome exercise attire (check!)
  • Have something to run for (almost check)

This is probably how most people start running. There are tons of fondations and organizations that host walk/runs to raise awareness about their organization. My family participates in the March of Dimes every year and my school district hosts a run/walk for Cystic Fibrosis. Training for events like these are the perfect motivation to keep your legs pumping.

I would like to bring Susan G. Komen for the Cure and Livestrong back into the picture. It is most likely that they have the highest race attendence of any other foundation. People wait all year for these events. Training for great causes like these can keep anyone going.

Keep on running! Blog ya later!

Inspiration continued!

As a continuation of yesterdays post “Got Inspiration?”, I would like to move onto the next bullet point on my little list of running inspiration. As a recap, here’s the list:

  • Hardcore music (check!)
  • Awesome exercise attire
  • Have something to run for

So, onto awesome exercise attire! Hopefully you saw my previous post “It’s Here!!!” If not, you can find it in my archives, a.k.a. The Shoe Box (It’s in October). In that post I was EXTREMELY excited for a new Cross Country shirt that had finally came. I could not wait until our meet the next day so I could show off my new shirt! I believe this is one thing people love about sports and exercise. When you have really cool gear, you tend to get noticed, and who doesn’t want to be noticed? Not only do you feel good about yourself and how you look, but you are prepared for whatever activity you are going to do. Honestly, wearing some sweet gear always gets me pumped up for a good run. So here are a few things that I adore:

So my first, I would like to bring attention to the Susan G. Komen collections. I personally have a couple of relatives that have been affected by breast cancer and I support the fight for the cure. I love this gear, even though I am not a very big fan of pink. Here’s a shirt I plan on getting: http://www.underarmour.com/shop/us/en/ua-power-in-pink/pid1222975-Women-s-PIP-She-s-A-Fighter-Graphic-T-Shirt/1222975-001.

Next, shorts. A pair of great shorts will make you feel, well, great! Another amazing foundation fighting against cancer is Livestrong. I love the colors and the gear they make is phenomenal! I own a pair of Livestrong shorts and they are my favorite pair! http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31C7bTW4wXL.jpg 

Shoes, shoes, shoes! Girls love shoes! I love running shoes. Usually, I get Asics because  I like the models of their shoes and it’s what I’m used to. My mom wear Asics most of the time and she passed it on to me. I’m pretty sure most of my team wears Asics as well.

But, I KNOW that you have been wondering about those Vibram Five Finger shoes, am I right? I will admit, I am dying to get a pair of those!  And when I do, you guys will be the first to know! But for now, here’s a site you should check out. He’s a runner that does a lot of review on everything running. Shoes, snacks, whatever. I found his reviews on minimal shoes like Vibram very informational; http://www.runningandrambling.com/

See you tomorrow with the last bullet on our list of inspiration! Blog ya later!

Got Inspiration?

As a runner, I sometimes forget that not everyone has the same love for running as I do. A lot of people have to force themselves to run for their own health/fitness. There’s a saying that my XC team loves to use;

“Our sport is your sport’s punishment.”

This is in fact true. In almost every other sport, the most dreaded part of practice/training is running. No one WANTS to run(unless you are a runner, of course), they are forced to. I just have one question; WHY DOES NO ONE LIKE RUNNING?

Personally, I love to run, but you already knew that, didn’t you? I have an internal desire to run, a driving force that pushes my legs to keep moving. My inspiration comes from within me. Many people aren’t as fortunate as me, so I feel it is my duty to lend a helping hand.

For your reading entertainment, I would like to supply you with a list of inspirational…things that will get you “pumped” for a great run!

  • Hardcore music
  • Awesome running attire
  • Have something to run for

Only one topic for today, so I will start with the first bullet:

Hardcore music: Ok, it doesn’t have to be screamo music or anything like that, but it does have to be music that really gets your blood pumpinng. Usually music with a fast tempo will get the ball rolling. Be aware that your exercise music may be totally different from your every-day music. My sister, for example, only listens to rock music when she is working out. Outside of the weightroom, she is strictly pop music.

I know that everyone has different tastes in music, but I would like to give a suggestion to your music selection. My favorite band is, without a doubt, Skillet. They reach me on a deep emotional level and their music is the best I have ever heard. Skillet has helped me through more than a few hard times and I don’t know where I would be without them.

One of my favorite songs of theirs is Monster. I believe everyone feels like this at one point or another and it really gets me going. Enjoy! (Check out all the running in this video!)

Just Run It Off…


That is the topic for today. Only God knows how popular of a subject this must be, because I personally complain about it every single day. And why not talk about it? Everyone experiences stress on some scale. Stressing about end-of-the-term finals, people at your work or even just your outfit for the day. There’s no avoiding it, so the best we can do is (1) tuck our tails between our legs and surrender or (2) lift our heads high and face it. I chose the latter.

Okay, I’m going to go on a very personal level right now.  I recently broke up with someone who I love and have been in a relationship with for almost 10 months(recently as in this morning). We have been friends for years and he is probably the closest friend I have ever had and the best relationship I have had thus far in my life. There a lot of reasons why this all happened and honestly, I do not feel like divulging this information. Just know that this has cut me extremely deep and I’m having a hard time coping. Between crying and venting my feelings to friends, I feel hollow and empty inside. It’s only 10:30AM and the day has been a blur so far. I am kind of hoping that blogging about it will help me feel better, although I am having little success right now. So in hopes that I can use this….unfortunate turn of events as a learning experience, I would like to discuss how I usually cope with my stress; Running.

I know a lot of people who run when they are trying to deal with stress. In my opinion I believe it is very effective and has done wonders to calm my nerves. I will admit to having a few midnight runs in the past, which is very dangerous, but was probably one of the hardest runs I have ever had. Afterwards, I always feel better, even if only a little bit. The endorphins released into my system put me in a better mood and help me through my struggles. I would highly recommend this as a remedy to any kind of stress.

Nevertheless, I am not very knowledgable when it comes to stress so I would recommend checking out my friend’s blog about stress: http://jessica-dealingwithstress.blogspot.com/ I hope this blog helps you with any stress, she is a very smart girl.

I won’t be able to run today since Wednesdays are pool days for my XC team, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to blow off some steam tomorrow since we may possibly have a CC meet.

Have a good day everyone…